The first newsletter of the POCITYF project is out. POCITYF – A POsitive Energy CITY Transformation Framework is a smart-cities project, with EU funding, through the Horizon 2020 program (grant nr. 864400), which started seven months ago, with 46 partners from 13 countries gathered in Évora to kick-off the project.

Published in 26.05.2020
Smart cities

The POCITYF (POsitive Energy CITY Transformation Framework) project offers a new video with the main strategic lines of action to make historic cities greener, smarter, and more liveable.

Published in 24.04.2020

The SFERA-III 2nd Training Course for Industries with the topic of optimization of concentrated solar thermal Plant, scheduled for the end of March, in Tabernas (Spain), has been postponed to a new date still to be determined, due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Published in 03.04.2020
Cities with positive energy

The POCITYF - Positive Energy CITY Transformation Framework project launched a website where it is possible to find information on objectives, partners, cities involved and proposed technical solutions.

Published in 09.03.2020
General Assembly and Management Board Meeting

The 2nd General Assembly and the 3rd Management Board Meeting of the SFERA-III - Solar Facilities for the European Research Area - Third Phase, took place in Cassacia, Italy, between 11 and 13 February. Over the course of three days, representatives of the 15 partner institutions of the project, from nine member countries of the European Union (EU), discussed the functioning and activities of SFERA-III and the cooperation between academy and companies.

Published in 06.03.2020
Seminar "Solar Process Heat in Industry: Technologies, Applications, Research"

The potential for applying thermal solar energy to process heat in industry was the theme of the seminar “Solar Process Heat in industry: Technologies, applications, research”, organized by the Renewable Energies Chair at the University of Évora (CER-UÉ), Order of Engineers (OE) and Directorate-General for Energy and Geology (DGEG), which took place on February 7, at OE headquarters, in Lisbon.

Published in 20.02.2020
4th INSHIP General Assembly

The 4th General Assembly of the INSHIP project (Integrating National Research Agendas on Solar Heat for Industrial Processes), took place in Portugal, between January 21st and 23rd, at the University of Évora (UÉ).

Published in 12.02.2020

Manuel Collares Pereira, former head of the Renewable Energy Chair, coordinating researcher and professor at the University of Évora (CER-UÉ), with whom he maintains close contact, will receive the title of honorary member of the Mexican Academy of Energy, on January 16, in Mexico City.

Published in 16.01.2020

Decorreu no passado dia 15 de novembro, pelas 18h00 na Sala das Bellas Artes da BGUÉ (Biblioteca Geral UÉ), no Colégio do Espírito Santo, o lançamento do livro “Sementeira Direta e Agricultura de Conservação” da autoria de Ricardo Freixial, professor no Departamento de Fitotecnia da UÉ.

Published in 18.11.2019

É já no próximo dia 27 de novembro que a Universidade de Évora recebe o workshop de encerramento do projeto AWARTECH - Animal Welfare Adjusted Real Time Environmental Conditions of Housing, iniciativa financiada pelos programas A2020, P2020 e FEDER e que resulta de uma parceria entre a Equiporave Ibérica, a Universidade de Évora e a Hexastep

In Tribuna Alentejo Online - 14-11-2019 | In Veterinária Atual Online - 14-11-2019 | In Vida Rural Online - 14-11-2019 | In Voz do Campo Online - 15-11-2019

Published in 15.11.2019