It’s now available online the webpage of project TREASURE “Diversity of local pig breeds and production systems for high quality traditional products and sustainable pork chains” (2015-2019). This project was proposed and accepted under the Horizon 2020 - EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The University of Évora is one of the partners of the project that includes a total of 25 partners from 9 European countries.

Published in 08.07.2015

The annual deadline for applications is September 15.

More Information here

Published in 25.06.2015

Deadline September,10th 2015

Please resend this to all your relevant contacts that may be interested.

Published in 25.05.2015

Bolsa de doutoramento FCT no âmbito do Programa de Doutoramento Ciências da Terra e do Espaço (ECT) via IDPASC Portugal

From 01.03.2015 to 07.06.2015

Felipe Arturo, aluno de Doutoramento em Artes Visuais pela Escola de Artes da Universidade de Évora, participa na Feira Arco de Madrid deste ano.

Published in 07.02.2015