A Note from the Dean

The Institute for Advanced Studies and Research (IIFA) is a relatively recent organic unit of the University of Évora, which was formed in 2009. Its mission is to combine and link teaching with research at the University of Évora. Promoting the intertwined areas of different fields of knowledge and supporting the existing R & D units, IIFA aims to provide for further international advancement of the scientific culture at the University of Evora.

Similar to other doctoral programs that have been emerging in many European universities, IIFA’s priority is to promote, support and organize all the procedures associated with advanced training programs, with regard to monitoring all procedures related to accreditation and processing procedures as well as integration of the students, promoting internationalization of advanced training and research at the university, supporting exchange of researchers and establishment of inter-institutional cooperation protocols, creating synergy between advanced training and available scientific capacity at the R & D units and contributing towards further rationalization and organization of the shared scientific structures used for scientific activity at the University of Évora.

Having taken the first steps, the challenge is now to promote research and advanced training at the University of Évora so it can be in the same league as the renowned European and world universities.