Advanced Studies

PhD programs are an important component of IIFA’s mission. At this moment there are 34 PhD programs under the aegis of IIFA, and there has been an exponential increase in the number of students in the PhD programs offered by the University of Évora, in recent years. In this regard, it is noted that the University of Évora can acquire a high scientific potential, in the coming years, thus making it a university of reference in national / international ranking of institutions of higher learning.

The international degree programs offered within the scope of the "Erasmus Mundus" program are another important component of IIFA. There are currently 5 ERASMUS MUNDUS degree programs  (1 doctoral program and four master's degrees ). These degree programs play a very important role with regard to the exchange of knowledge between researchers and international institutions, through combining the different theoretical and practical approaches in multidisciplinary curricula. It is intended to stimulate organization of more PhD and master’s programs of this nature, in the future, as this will enhance the international nature of integrated advanced studies and scientific production at IIFA-UEVORA.

It is also important to refer to the recent establishment of another program - ERASMUS MUNDUS EMMA-West , which is a network of mobility  of students and professors from Universities in Asia to partner Universities in Europe.