CHAIA - Centre for Art History and Artistic Research

CHAIA - History of Art and Artistic Research Centre of the University of Évora, is an R&D unit which main field of activity is the study of arts in a historical, archaeological and heritage perspective and of the actual artistic practices, in a long-term temporality, from Prehistory to Contemporaneity. It includes professors and researchers of the University of Évora as well as of other national institutions, organized by research groups: History of Art, Archaeology, Architecture, Landscape Arts and Techniques, Theatre Studies and Visual Arts and Design. It is the only research and development (R&D) unit in the scientific and technological Portuguese system to link a cultural heritage, historical and archaeological approach to Art with its contemporary practice, manifested in the theme areas of Heritage, Landscape, Performative Arts and Art, Science and Technology.


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CHAIA - Centro de História da Arte e Investigação Artística
Palácio do Vimioso
Largo Marquês de Marialva, 8 7000-809 Évora
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