Erasmus Mundus Master PhoenixEM - Dynamics of Health and Welfare

Organizational unit: School of Social Sciences
duration: 4 semesters
120 ECTS (36 mandatory and 36 optative in UCS; )
data de acreditação: 26/03/2014
prazo de acreditação(anos): 6
Establishment/DGES Codes: 0604/6782


The aim of the master is to provide students with knowledge in the areas of health and welfare, national and European, that allow them to develop new instruments for the analysis of the interaction between health policies and society, the study of health systems reforms, etc. It also intends to mobilize different knowledge about the contributions of health practices and behaviors for the dynamics of health and well-being and to provide advanced training on implementation and administration of health practices and knowledge diffusion through education and communication between public sector and media.



Professional Careers

Public administration (especially social and health services); Social Communication; Non-governmental organizations; European bodies (WHO, OESS, UN, etc); Investigation

Associate Director(s)

José Alberto Gomes Machado
Filomena Barros

Gestor Académico

Filipe Netto de Miranda Duarte

Completed Thesis

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