Simpósio do projecto NewSOL na Universidade de Évora

Simpósio do projecto NewSOL

A Universidade de Évora irá acolher, no próximo dia 1 de Fevereiro de 2018, o primeiro simpósio do projecto NewSOL organizado pela Cátedra Energias Renováveis. O evento terá lugar no auditório 131 do Colégio Espírito Santo.

O programa do evento será:

09:30 Reception of Participants
09:45 Start of Symposium and Welcome address10:00 “CSP Plants Worldwide”, (to be confirmed)
10:15 “Overview of Energy storage for CSP Plants”, UEvora
10:30 “Sensible heat storage for CSP plants based on molten salts”, DLR
10:50 “Concrete and cement innovations”, SECIL
11:10 “Molten Salts in CSP: Materials and Corrosion”, LNEG
11:30 “Durable Aluminum Reinforced Environmentally-friendly Concrete Construction”, SINTEF11:50 “Concrete application for Heat storage infrastructures: Concrete at high temperature”, CSIC
12:10 “Use of Yara-MOST as Heat Storage and Transfer Liquid”, Yara
12:30 “Challenges in Project Newsol”, UEvora
12:45 “INPOWER Project: TES materials advances”, Fertiberia
13:00 Lunch (free)

From 01.02.2018 | 09:30 to 01.01.2018 | 13:00