duration: 6 semesters
180 ECTS (60 mandatory and 0 optative in UCS; )
Establishment/DGES Codes: /9337


The Phd opens a space of training and advanced investigation of high level destined not only to who is in the academy, but to those that deal with architecture in the context of professional practice to whom this course presents the possibility of deepening knowledge and developing skills in the area of Architecture; Integrates the practical work of the project in architecture as a form of advanced research, positioning it in the context of scientific research; The course is intended to work in an international environment, in order to ensure the positioning of students in global competitive level and equip them with competences comparable such a level; Provides transdisciplinary knowledge on conceptual, formal and practical issues with research application, on critical thinking, in the planning and the accomplishment of works having as context the Landscape in a comprehensive way, as well as questions of the nature of the built heritage (monumental, industrial, civil) in a more specific way.

Professional Careers

Considering the value of the culturalist approach, with foundations in the technical field, architecture is recognized for its comprehensiveness and relevance in a wide range of areas. Notwithstanding such scope, more specific domains of advanced architectural skills are identified, especially in a "by design" approach, such as: Studios of professional practice of architecture; University teaching (1st, 2nd and 3rd Cycles); Integration in advanced research teams (post-doctoral) Integration in work teams of planning and intervention on the territory and on the built heritage, namely in municipal, regional and national structures

Associate Director(s)

João Barros Matos
Sofia Salema

Gestor Académico

Maria João Doutor Zorro

Completed Thesis

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