Visual Arts

duration: 6 semesters
180 ECTS (54 mandatory and 6 optative in modules; )
Establishment/DGES Codes: /5809


Transversity and transdisciplinarity are essential characteristics of this 3rd cycle of studies leading to the Doctor of Visual Arts degree. The relationship between the arts and the humanities with science and technology is addressed in the three innovative variants or areas of expertise in the national territory, taking into account international trends in the arts and design. Unlike other programs, this PhD course aims to effectively equip candidates - artists or interested in contemporary theory - to carry out a theoretical - practical thesis, through a specific training for this purpose, with their own curricular units. This PhD program has as one of the main goals to think, theorize and create, from these new premises and perspectives, about art, design and its close relationship with the use of new technologies and the world of science. The contents of the PhD course provide highly relevant transdisciplinary knowledge on conceptual, formal and practical issues for research, critical thinking, planning, management, design and construction, and, on the other hand, The aesthetic and theoretical perception for the most contemporary tendencies in disciplines related to the variants. Areas of specialization: Arts, Sciences and Technologies; Artistic Research, Media and Cultural Studies; Metamedia and Design. The internationalization vocation since PhD program integrates professors of recognized prestige and career professors of the University of Évora.

Professional Careers

PhDs in Visual Arts will be able to: - intervene in the design and production of works on two-dimensional, three-dimensional and digital media, as well as multimedia and audiovisual content; - to carry out activities related to education and to the art and design market; - to practice in interdisciplinary professional areas that involve the creation of projects of creation, theory, artistic management, cultural mediation, contemporary design and other specialties of the field of visual arts and media art. - develop artistic and / or scientific research in areas related to variants. - to carry out activities related to literature, art criticism, curatorship and related fields.    

Associate Director(s)

Luís Filipe Soares Afonso
Inês Secca Ruivo
Paula Maria Vieira Reaes Pinto

Gestor Académico

Isaura Quintas Paulino

Completed Thesis

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