Archaeology and Environment (Erasmus Mundus-ARCHMAT)

Organizational unit: School of Social Sciences
duration: 4 semesters
120 ECTS (77 mandatory and 0 optative in modules; )
data de acreditação: 14/02/2013
prazo de acreditação(anos): 5
Establishment/DGES Codes: 0604/6772


The ERASMUS MUNDUS Master is a joint master program between UEVORA, the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) and the University of Roma La Sapienza (UNIROMA1) as full partners and other HEI and non HEI institutions as associated partners (see The objective of the ARCHMAT program is to impart to students the specific knowledge and skills required in the Archaeometry research field in a way to enable them to conduct scientific work, to critically assess and integrate scientific findings and knowledge and to independently manage an archaeological project from all aspects, i.e. archaeological, scientific and conservation ones. It aims in particular to form highly specialized experts able to understand and apply the correct analytical scientific methodologies for the study and conservation of archaeological materials of different nature and belonging to different periods and/or cultures in European and Mediterranean HIstory. The ARCHMAT Master Course is lectured in English. The course imply compulsory mobility according to the following scheme: first semester UEVORA, second semester AUTH, third semester UNIROMA1, fourth semester UEVORA, UNIROMA1 or AUTH For thesis project. A number of scholarships are made available by the EACEA agency of the EC.  The fee paid by self-paying students,i.e. Non EACEA scholarships holders, does not cover travel and accomodation expenses related to the compulsory course mobility. The number of places for self-paying  students is 10.

Professional Careers

CAREER OPPORTUNITIES/ACADEMIA The ARCHMAT Master Diploma holder will be fully qualified and in the ideal position to successfully embark in doctorate courses in Archaeometry and/or Science applied to Conservation/Cultural Heritage research fields either at ARCHMAT partner Institutions or elsewhere CAREER OPPORTUNITIES/PROFESSIONAL SECTOR The ARCHMAT Master Diploma holder should find himself in a privileged position to apply for job opportunities in the private sector (Restoration SMEs, private profession) and/or Scientific Laboratories of Museums, or other Governmental Institutions (Ministry of Culture, Regional and National local authorities) but also at several International Organizations devoted to the Protection of Cultural Heritage objects and sites such as ICCROM and UNESCO. Last but not least, the participation as associate partners of non academic Institutions with high level national/international reputation in ARCHMAT and with strong contacts/affiliations with Governmental agencies and Industry such as the Instituto dos Museus e da Conservacao (IMC) in Lisbon, the Instituto de Ciencia de Materiales de Aragon (ICMA) in Zaragoza, the Scientific Laboratory of the Musei Vaticani (MV) in the Vatican State, the Museum of Aiani (MA) in Greece will prove extremely useful to ARCHMAT students in their post-Master search for job opportunities worldwide

Associate Director(s)

André Miguel Serra Pedreira Carneiro
Cristina Maria Barrocas Dias

Gestor Académico

Helena Isabel Maneiras Espadaneira

Completed Thesis

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