NICPRI - Research Unit in Political Science and International Relations

This is an interdisciplinary unit for Political and Social Studies.

The aim of the centre is to promote and disseminate fundamental and applied research, provide training for individuals and groups in the scientific-cultural context and provide services to the community.

The Centre is a coherent epistemological unit, which aims, from an interdisciplinary perspective, to provide analysis, critique and justification of contemporary political and social phenomena.

Cabinet: PV-109
Phone: +351 266 706 581
Ext.: 328
Núcleo de Investigação em Ciência Política e Relações Internacionais
Universidade de Évora
Palácio do Vimioso
Largo Marquês de Marialva, 8
7000-809 Évora


PhD Full Members

Associated Courses

PhD Program Contemporary History [plano de estudos atual]