INBIO/CIBIO.UE - Research Network in Biodiversity and Evolutionary Biology

CIBIO develops research in biodiversity and evolutionary biology. It seeks to advance science, use science to inform conservation management, provide postgraduate training, and disseminate knowledge to the public.

CIBIO hosts three research groups at the University of Évora:

Climate Change and Biodiversity

  • How did paste climate changes affect biodiversity?
  • How might current and future environmental changes affect biodiversity?
  • How can biodiversity be conserved given current and future challenges?

Applied Ecology

  • What are the effects of roads on wildlife?
  • What are the effects of land-use and fragmentation on long-​term persistence of populations?

Plant Biology

  • Reproduction biology in forest species.
  • Mycological diversity and soil ecology.

Higher education

CIBIO-UE supports a doctoral program in Biology at University of Évora, and contributes to the BIODIV program ( It offers specialized courses with Science Retreats (

  • Species distributions modelling
  • Spatial conservation priorities
  • Geospatial technologies
  • Phylogenetic comparative methods
  • Experimental design
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