CIMA - Research Centre for Mathematics and Applications

CIMA-UE – Mathematics and mathematical Applications Research Centre

• To promote research in mathematics, particularly with regard to applications.
• To support implementation of programs for training of human resources in this domain.
• To disseminate scientific knowledge in this area, particularly through publications and organization of meetings, seminars and conferences.
• To promote scientific exchange with institutions and researchers in this and similar areas.
• To contribute, within its domain, to the development and modernization of the productive regional and national sectors.

Phone: +351 266 744 616
Fax: +351 266 744 971
CIMA-UE - Centro de Investigação em Matemática e Aplicações
Colégio Luís António Verney
Rua Romão Ramalho, 59
7000-671 Évora
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