Human Kinetics

duration: 6 semesters
180 ECTS (30 mandatory in modules; )
data de acreditação: 04/08/2016
prazo de acreditação(anos): 6
Establishment/DGES Codes: /5777


The PhD Program in Human Kinetics at the University of Évora aims to promote the development of research skills in the scientific domain of Human Kinetics (HK). This cycle of studies has as its general objective to provide a specialized response in the fundamental domains of HK, in terms of research in health education, physical activity and health, sports performance, psychomotricity and sports management. It is also intended to strengthen the relationship with the business community and the surrounding community, allowing the transfer of knowledge to the socioeconomic fabric, placing the application of science and technology at the service of economic development and the well-being of the populations. In terms of specific objectives, it is intended that students develop competencies, skills and research methods in HK; Be able to: carry out original research works that contribute to the expansion of knowledge and that justify national or international dissemination in publications with a selection committee; develop communication skills in the field of HK with peers, the rest of the academic and scientific community and society in general; enter the labor market with high knowledge and skills within the scope of HK; promote, in an academic and or professional context, technological, social or cultural progress, in a knowledge-based society.

Professional Careers

Fundamental and applied research within the scope of Human Kinetics; Insertion in national and international public or private organizations in the field of human kinetics; Consultancy and entrepreneurship in the areas of health education, physical exercise and health, sports performance, sports management and psychomotricity; Teaching in university and polytechnic institutions.

Associate Director(s)

Hugo Folgado
José Francisco Filipe Marmeleira

Gestor Académico

Vitória dos Anjos Bonito Guiomar

Completed Thesis

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