Sociology: Knowledge for Open and Inclusive Societies - Inter-University PhD Programme OpenSoc

duration: 8 semesters
240 ECTS (44 mandatory and 16 optative in modules; )
data de acreditação: 31/07/2020
prazo de acreditação(anos): 6
Establishment/DGES Codes: /PA07


This study cycle is considered by the group of participating institutions to provide a coherent response to the demands of qualified (fundamental and applied) sociological  knowledge, mobilising an extended body of lecturers and researchers who are open to the multiple dimensions of analysis, diverse theoretical paradigms and methodological approaches. Furthermore, the programme is open to contributions from neighbouring social sciences. In this sense, besides the aim of providing postgraduate training, within the mission of contributing towards the development of sociological knowledge and skills, it is equally important to highlight the participating institutions’ mission and acquired experience in relation to the diffusion, dissemination and transference towards society of the knowledge produced within the scope of the doctoral theses. And their commitment to broaden students’ employability and qualified trajectories in a global world.

Professional Careers

The target population include two different professional profiles. On the one hand, the programme wants to attract young students who have recently concluded their 2nd cycle or integrated masters. On the other hand, it wants to integrate older students, already active in the labour market and wishing to return to University, either to improve and refresh their knowledge, or to acquire competences to intervene in their respective work fields.

Instituições Associadas

Universidade de Lisboa - Instituto Superior de Ciências Sociais e Políticas
Universidade de Lisboa - Instituto de Ciências Sociais
Universidade Nova de Lisboa - Faculdade de Ciências Sociais e Humanas

Associate Director(s)

Bruno Miguel de Almeida Dionísio
Eduardo Jorge dos Santos Esperança
Rosalina Pisco Costa

Gestor Académico

Maria João Doutor Zorro

Completed Thesis

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